Tuesday, October 10

This looks as if it might be historic, last day tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what comes out of it. Stay tuned.

"The road to enlightenment is long and difficult, so we are asking you to bring sandwhiches and a change of clothing."

Consolidating Our Collective Wisdom

Best Counsel and Advice to the Next Generation
An Invitational Meeting of Experienced Mediators & Facilitators October 8-11, 2006 at Keystone, Colorado

This unique invitational meeting of conflict management pioneers, leaders, and program founders will: (1) take stock of where the field has come over the past three decades; (2) assess the current landscape and field’s current strengths and weaknesses; and (3) prepare a statement of best counsel and guidance to the next generation of policy-making and policy-influencing practitioners.
Among the topics to be taken up are:

· The conflict resolution field – challenges past, present, and future
· Negotiation and our legal, political, and social cultures
· Conflict resolution, democratic ideals & social justice
· The next 25 years: highest hopes and worst fears
· Lessons for future generations

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