Tuesday, December 19

OK, enough

So far on this blog I have posted on all sorts of nonsense, like... large people breaking my chairs, cool people wearing sunglasses indoors, happy people with laughs earthy enough to plant spuds in, tech people using laptops as teleprompters.

I love the diversity of humanity that cycles through the mediation room, honest...

...but what really, really gets me is the guy with the phone stuck to his head, ALL day, even when he went to the John - aka bluetooth mobile phone earpiece.

For a start I keep seeing us all on the bridge of the S.S.
Enterprise, and Scotty being asked to beam us all up to who knows where.

Then, I got a fright when he suddenly jumped up and started talking to himself as he headed for the door.

At least when a regular phone it rings, I frown, they look sheepish and then they head for the door.

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A fan said...

yes exactly. hilarious. welcome to los angeles!