Saturday, February 24

The Long Walk Home

[video 00:44]

It's a lonely job, this mediating.

Especially walking through Wellington at 1.05am this morning in a suit.

Everyone else is drunk or homeless.

" the next time your mediation ends, everyone leaves at 1.00am and that lonely feeling creeps under your skin.... if you listen very, very hard, we are cheering about that play you made in the extra innings that made resolution possible..."
Eric Galton

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Dina Lynch, said...


Thanks for that. Eric's work captures so well the joy, sadness and magic of what we do. It's nice to be reminded.

Speaking of which, Victoria Pynchon wrote a terrific post on starting her career that started a meme.

Tammy tagged me and now I tag you. Can't wait to read how you started on this path!


Dina Beach Lynch
Mediation Mensch