Thursday, March 22

Listening During Settlement Negotiations

Do insurance work? Then you will be used to claims adjusters and their ways.

This interesting piece on Listening During Settlement Negotiations posted in the last day or two over at the Trial Lawyer Resource Centre Blog is worth a look.

'Every day, I speak to insurance claims adjusters on the phone attempting to resolve personal injury cases. It is dangerous to try to put people with complex goals and motives into simple boxes. But let's do it anyway...'


avaiki nius agency said...

Delighted and astonished, but mostly delighted to see someone actually put into practice some of the web 2.0 bla bla bla ...

... sorry for the semi-abbreviation but bla bla bla just rolls off the keyboard easier than blah blah, at least for a graduate of the orange box school of journalism.

Been writing up in Rarotonga for 20 years and resident there since the 1977, arriving at age of 12 on a month's ... holiday.

Now in Aotearoa again for a change of pace and an interest in approaching journalism from a solutions focus, not just problem outlining.

After watching executive level conflict for a couple of decades, I can see huge opportunity for mediation to become a standard part of management, rather than an ambulance parked at the bottom of the cliff !

Blogs like yours I am sure will prove their worth in providing leadership through information sharing.

Kia manuia, best luck,

jason brown
avaiki nius agency

Geoff Sharp said...

Hey Jason, thanks for stopping by. Nice blogs at your end,

Geoff Sharp said...

Hey Jason, thanks for stopping by. Nice blogs at your end,