Thursday, March 22

Marketing Mediation Services (2)

Did I mention the wonderfully generous mediation marketing blogs out there in my previous post where I asked some questions about direct marketing of the blogosphere's top ADR marketing wizards?

Well, within HOURS of that post Dr Tammy Lenski had penned this post and this post over at Mediator Tech and Dina Beach Lynch had posted a comment while she was on/just back from vacation saying she would have something for us all by week's end!

Man, the speed of this astounds me. The slowest thing about it was me getting up this morning down here in New Zealand to read them.

It helped that Tammy was in bed with a cold and had way too much cold medicine. So she couldn't sleep - but hey! it's all good for us readers and bad for her partner Rodney.

Her two posts are a goldmine of information on this topic and should have taken days not hours to put together.

If this kind of advice and support had been around when many of us started out we would have tripped up only half as often.

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Tammy said...

You're very kind and damn generous yourself, Geoff. Picture me fanning my blushing face.