Friday, April 27

Driving traffic to your web site

Last week I had 3 days of training scheduled on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in different cities around New Zealand.

The organisation was very keen to add value around the one day of training in each centre, so one of my tasks was to set some pre-course work to get the juices of those attending flowing in the week before the course.

I could have asked the organisation to distribute hard copies of the prep work to be completed by hand and returned to me at the training, they could even have emailed it out to their people and got it emailed back.

Or I could have sent it out myself... but oh! what a wasted opportunity.

Instead, I posted the pre-course work (in the form of 11 short exercises) at an 'orphan' page at my web site (an orphan page is one that does not show up on the site's navigation so only people who have been given the link will find it).

Better still, my hosted site has the facility for visitors to complete the work online at the site. So rather than downloading it and getting it back to me - at the press of a 'submit' button, folk can complete it online, then email it to me from right there at the site.

Simple - and it meant I got about 100 new visitors who took a look around my site while they were there and who ordinarily would not have darkened my door!

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