Sunday, May 20

Two New Mediation Blogs

the ip adr blog is by well known Los Angeles blogger, Victoria Pynchon and her business partner IP attorney, Les Weinstein.

I know your next question, and Vickie has seen you coming - Why an IP ADR Blog?

Their welcome sign says:

"Whether you're negotiating the settlement of your IP case or striving to obtain a more efficient arbitral resolution, it's helpful to have a "coach" or neutral who is as attuned to potential business solutions to legal problems and s/he is to the legal strategies already being pursued.

That's why we're joining the high-level conversation about IP commercial, regulatory, legal and technical issues already underway in the IP blogs we've listed in our sidebar"

A Mediator's Dilemma - this mediator-centric blog is by Regina Mullen, a mediator-arbitrator practicing from the Seattle area. It seems to be on a a piece of Harvard cyberspace, but I'm not sure of the connection.

The welcome sign says:

"A difficult mediation often causes a mediator to continue pulling tools out of the toolbox until it’s empty. This blog is designed to collect wisdom on the dilemma’s faced by mediators as they strive to maintain neutrality in working with difficult mediation sessions"

(thanks for the heads-up
David Hurley)


Anonymous said...

Hi David:

Thanks for mentioning "A Mediator's Dilemma"!

I have posted my Harvard connection (Class of '85) and the first dilemma has been posted!

The site allows anyone with a Harvard connection to post a blog, so I thought it would be a good place to have a place to share information in a practice neutral arena!

Love to have your input!

R. Mullen

Geoff Sharp said...

Uh, it's Geoff but thanks. Good luck with your blog.