Wednesday, June 20

Happy Birthday Settle It Now Blog

With her catholic tastes, Vickie Pynchon's Settle It Now Blog just gets better and better - bringing us interesting and eclectic reading from all over.

Need convincing...?

check out one of Vickie's latest posts linking to an article appearing in the San Francisco Daily Journal, Influencing the Mediator

We need to know that this stuff is being put about, with its
advice to...

>squeeze the mediator into a small caucus room with a round table with no head that symbolically diminishes the mediator's authority while at the same time offering a large rectangular table to the opposition in the hope that the mediator will sit at its head, thereby increasing his influence upon them
>'having more attendees forces the mediator to read and address them all, degrading his effectiveness'...

...similar sophisticated tactical takes on the mediation process await you here including;
>How to Influence the Mediator in Private Caucus
>Predisposing the Mediator

The author advertises that "he is among the most knowledgeable mediators in the country with respect to sophisticated business and tax issues"

Need convincing?

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