Tuesday, June 19

RealPlayer 11 will let you record clips for offline viewing

Often times I see a mediation video on the net that I want to use for a training I have coming up. Trouble is it won't work unless I'm online and plugged into fast Internet at the training venue.

Well, the next version of RealPlayer (v11) available at the end of the month will change all that.

Now, when you play a streaming video in Internet Explorer or Firefox, a button labeled 'Download this video' will appear. Click it, and a copy of the clip will be recorded to your hard drive.

Once it is downloaded, you can watch when you are offline, burn it to a CD or DVD. All the popular streaming-video formats catered for (Microsoft Windows Media, Apple QuickTime etc appearing on uTube, Google etc).

And its free. Simple eh?

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Hat tip Mark Fowler

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