Monday, June 18

Well, that was a bit too close for comfort

Flying out to the NZ provincial city of Blenheim just hours ago for a shareholder mediation today, we were turned back as the flight before us belly flopped on to the tarmac when its landing gear failed.

Once news of the crash and resulting airport closure got out, mediation counsel rang my voice mail to say they would press ahead without me and that they 'hoped I hadn't been on board'.

I put aside the apparent disposable nature of mediators these days when I returned their call and, fearful they may do better without (compared to with) this neutral, I quickly offered to conduct the private sessions by telephone conference call from the airport should they get to an impasse.

As I sit here at Wellington airport some hours later waiting for my flight to take off and the debris to be cleared, they are yet to ring.

Bugger! (NZ)

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