Friday, August 10


By the time I finished my law degree in the early 80's I was outta there.

As I passed through
Victoria University's gates one last time, I shouted over my shoulder that they should put my LLB in the post - they could find me at the beach.

I always regretted that.

When I eventually came back from the beach and got a job, my firm sponsored me for the wonderful
Massey University Post Graduate Diploma in Dispute Resolution (GradDipBusStuds)....20 years of off and on study - nights when the kids were babies, lunchtimes in the firm cafe - but life got busy and I left off with one subject to go.

When I finally got back to it last year and finished the missing paper I was set on a front row seat at November's graduation ceremony.

Beaming with pride I submitted an application to register for graduation and reserved six seats (Susan, the kids, my Mum and Dad - I was forcing them all to come). I even booked my academic garb - stole, trencher - all the trimmings.

That was until a Dear Geoffrey letter arrived in late July declining graduation and advising I had for some reason completed paper 155.301 back in the early '90's that didn't count.

What I actually needed was and mediation! Law and what!

Post scriptum: With the assistance of my mediator colleagues and friends at Massey's Graduate School of Business Myles Stilwell and Virginia Goldblatt I hope to be in seats AA 12 - 17 on November 30 at 2pm!

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Chris Annunziata said...

Well used turn of a Latin phrase. ;-)