Friday, August 10

Parties to mediation are blogging # 2

Following on from my recent post about mediation parties blogging....

Cory of Landover Hills, Maryland writes;

"So ... I'm typing this blog while in the middle of mediation. Yep ... that's right mediation. This is the time in which parents try to make their own decisions about the fate of their children before the judge has to do so. And I've got to tell you ... " [it gets nasty after that so no need for a link me thinks]

And you really must read this blow by blow post of a mediation between well known blogger Penelope Trunk, of Brazen Careerist and her husband of 15 years;

"...I explain how my career is going great. I tell the mediator I have a busy speaking schedule and a six-figure contract for my next book. I even talk about my blog, and the estimated 450,000 page views a month, even though you can trust me on this: Our divorce mediator from Middleton, Wisconsin does not read blogs.
At this point, I think my husband is going to tell the mediator about how he gave up his career for the kids and me and he is totally disappointed. But instead he says to me, “A lot of people I talk with say that I am being abused by you.”
I am shocked. It’s a big allegation. But I say, “A lot of people I talk with think I should get rid of you.”
That’s as bad as it gets, right there. Because the mediator interjects..." [read more]

Take some time to scroll down the many comments - there are even some from other mediators!

Where's all this going?

Thanks to Stephanie West Allen who kindly pointed me to Penelope Trunk's post

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