Monday, September 17

CEDR launches 2007 Mediation Audit

Last Friday, CEDR announced the launch of the 2007 Mediation Audit.

The biannual CEDR Mediation Audit has, it is said, become the go to document for information on the size and shape of the commercial mediation market in the UK.

CEDR is inviting all UK mediators and lawyers to help benchmark the current commercial dispute resolution practice.

The survey is being conducted on an anonymous basis, and can be accessed from the following links:

Click here if you are a lawyer in private practice
Click here if you are an in-house lawyer
Click here if you are a mediator

The publication of the results of the Mediation Audit 2007 will be at at the Third European Mediation Congress at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster on 8 November 2007.

It's been a busy week over at CEDR as they have also given their website a makeover and access rights of members and exchange participants have been extended.

Site registration is free but it seems that does not give full member access - so I'm not sure if it's an improvement for those of us who are not members - may even be less access than before?

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