Sunday, September 16

Neuroscience and Conflict Resolution - Denver, Portland and Washington DC

I wished I lived in one of these centres.

Denver, Colorado - October 24, 2007

Portland, Oregon - November 15 and 16, 2007
Washington, D.C - March 1, 2008

Here for details of Stephanie West Allen's Brains On Purpose™ Seminar that will cover the latest from the field of neuroscience and tools you can immediately use in the practise of conflict resolution


michael said...

How is that the science of the brain, about which we know relatively little, can inform the social science of dispute resolution, a practice which we have enaged in for 5,000 years?

Neuroeconomics promises to be the next big illusion: a number of genuinely interesting discoveries wrapped up with really bad reductionism.

Why if I only had a brain, I could solve your dispute.

Geoff Sharp said...

Michael, I welcome your comments on this blog, but I think regular readers would appreciate knowing who they are hearing from. Please in future identify who you are.