Friday, October 5

Always let the parties book the venue

Who said never let the parties book the venue?

It was from the sublime to the ridiculous yesterday, when this was our main room at a hundred year old hotel in NZ's tourist hot spot, Rotorua... boiling mud pools, geysers gushing hot water high into the air in the main street, we used to come here on school trips and boil eggs in the streams running through the town.

The only trouble is the whole place smells like rotten eggs.

So where was I... oh yeah, and this was our breakout room

And a bonus - the hundred year old hotel had a carpet of equal vintage and is a nice addition to my series 'carpets upon which I have mediated' in an effort to prove my theory that the carpet upon which the drama plays out is, in part, determinative of the outcome;

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Chris Annunziata said...

Fancy shmancy. I like the leather couch. We've been looking for new living room furniture, did you happen to flip the cushion and find out who the manufactuer was?