Tuesday, October 2

Latest Mayhew-Hite Report out today

The Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution's most recent issue of the Mayhew-Hite Report on Dispute Resolution and the Courts is out today.

The lead article is an interview with Dale Crawford, a former judge and now a law firm partner. While on the Bench, Dale was able to gain a unique perspective on what prompted litigants to settle cases or embrace alternative dispute resolution.

There also looks to be a good article if you are involved in the health care DR field - Mediation in the Health Care System: Creative Problem Solving

But probably the most interesting and controversial piece is by Seth Linnick, a 2008 J.D. candidate at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law - Solving the Nonlawyer Mediator Dilemma: The Need for Flexible Unauthorized Practice Standards

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