Wednesday, December 19


OK folks, I'm done.

Thank you for visiting in 2007 - there are plenty of places to go on the web and you know that I am very grateful that you make here one of them.

This blog is a labour of love and although the thought of doing it all again next year is daunting, energy and inspiration permitting, I will do so in the hope you will again stop by in 2008.

Safe holidays and for those, like me, in a reflective mood as we close up shop for 2007 and maybe thinking that your time will come next year - take a look at Hugh Macleod's Post Dreaming Reality

... No more dreaming of "One Day". I am here and now. This is it. I can highly recommend it. But I had to kill a lot of dreams, a lot of beautiful dreams, in order to get there.


Vickie said...

more than great to spend '07 reading your blog . . . no "maybes" about it . . . i lose my sense of humor and proportion when you're not blogging . . . hugs to wife and kids! and happy new year! best, vickie

Chris Annunziata said...

And once again, the time difference allowed you to beat me to the punch! I was going to wrap things up today, as well! Now I'll just look like a copy cat!

Seriously, thanks for your great posts, your upsidedown under perspective and your assistance with my blog and new practice. Looking forward to '08.

Victoria Pynchon, said...

OK, it's nearly mid-January.


eleanorburnejones said...

Hi, I'm missing your blog here! :0)

Hope some more gems on mediation are coming!

Blessings, from cold, rainy Cornwall UK.