Monday, January 14

Ed Hillary 1919 - 2008

Before kids, before the mortgage, even before getting ahead seemed important I had the mountains - they had everything I needed as I sought to find a place at life's table.

With climbing expeditions to Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan consuming 8 glorious years of my life as a young man I was introduced to lives well lived and lonely cold deaths - sustaining me, even today.

And now he is dead, a mighty Kauri has fallen.

The mentor to a generation of Kiwis and father of the Sherpa people. Closest thing to royalty we have, even graced our $5 note while he was alive.

Unheard of.

So before I post my first mediation piece for 2008, indulge me - please.

Let me tell you why, after my month in the hills, I am passionately, hopelessly in love with this young and fragile, too small to be important, look at me/look at me! wee country of ours down here in the South Pacific, with nothing between us and the yawning expanse of Antarctica.


Thanks Ed, live forever.


Diane Levin said...

Aw, Geoff, nice post! Glad to have you back, buddy. We really missed you.

Tammy Lenski said...

Welcome back, Geoff, I missed you. And I missed your smart, humorous, insightful posts. Thank goodness you returned when you did...I was staring to wonder about you.

Hillary's passing didn't get the play it deserved in the U.S. media, sadly. But there was a wonderful National Geographic article about him a while back, so I thought about that when I heard the news.

National Geographic seems big on New Zealand. Last month had a fascinating article on albatrosses. I want to come there and see them. And you! :)