Wednesday, March 12

3 edgy posts out there in the blogosphere today

From CResearch What about the litigation mediation creates? linking to an article that takes a systemic look at litigation about mediation.

The article is by
Hamline Professor James Coben who has been producing short videos illustrating mediation litigation for a while now. You will find 31 videos, organized by type of disputed mediation issue here.

The second is Goals of Mediation from Civil Negotiation and Mediation's Nancy Hudgins comparing lawyers goals and mediator goals in a mediation.

For instance, having clients get closure; lawyers 46% - mediators 76 %.

Wait it gets worse. For parties to feel heard; lawyers 43% - mediators 92%

Finally "I am just trying to save the world": How would you identify a toxic mediator? from Idealawg.

Do you have helper syndrome? You do? Get out NOW!

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elie said...

Thanks for the link with the videos!