Friday, March 14

Please read this blog via RSS

RSS is more confusing than it needs to be but if you are starting to follow multiple blogs it's the only way to fly.

What the heck is it? I hear you ask - well read here.

If you have subscribed to blah... blah... by email update, that's great but what about trying RSS? - most of the hundreds of readers who read this blog do so via RSS.

To get blah... blah... posts either on your Google homepage or in your Google Reader just start here. This link will take you to the page below where you can choose to get blah... blah... on Google Reader or Google homepage. Either one is fine. Google will ask you to sign in or create an account.

It's free. Once you're signed in, posts will just go straight there in the future.

If you start using RSS and like it, trash your email subscription and I won't clog up your email inbox anymore - and as you add more blogs, all your favourite postings will just sit patiently in your reader or on your Google homepage until you are ready to read them.

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Google Reader is great. As Geoff can attest, another terrific way to keep track of blah.. blah.. and other legal blogs is to use's Blog Directory and Tracking Service which offers the ability to review legal blogs by:

1. Receiving a single daily email containing post summaries from MULTIPLE law blogs;
2. Reviewing daily summaries of blogs you select from a single webpage much like a newsfeed reader without the hassle of copying, pasting, and updating confusing RSS URLs; and
3. Reviewing summaries of all daily posts by category on a single web page without having to do any customization.