Wednesday, March 5

Making Mediation Your Day Job

My signed copy of Dr Tammy Lenski's new book, Making Mediation Your Day Job, arrived in the post today.

Many marketing books are old wine in new bottles - this is not.

It's a fresh perspective on building your own empire and is single minded in its focus on the business of mediation, not the business of making widgets.

>buy the book here for $14.95

>get a free chapter here

>access free book related resources here

>and if you buy the book you can get reader only free resources here including a companion workbook

... have I mentioned the word FREE enough?


Tammy Lenski said...

Hey there, Geoff, glad to see the book made it to you ok. I mean what I said...without the blogosphere, I don't know that our paths would ever have crossed and my life would have been less enriched. I'm working on my husband, actively promoting a New Zealand vacation..!

elie said...

Nice... this kind of goes with the theme of my week, a.k.a., "there is no money in mediation" (in Israel). Maybe I'll take a look at that first chapter.