Monday, April 7

Four New Mediation Blogs

It rained all weekend down in our corner of the globe, so we sat by the fire as winter arrived. I surfed the web without wires. The dog snored. And I found four new mediation blogs in varying states of repair.

While there are too many adds for my taste - including one for the ladies from - the first blog I found is the MTI Community Blog from Mediation Works.

The second new blog is from James South, CEDR's Director of Training, who works in many different countries around the world to establish mediation in diverse civil justice systems.

James' (who is a New Zealander!) has recently been in Pakistan working with mediators there and he is keeping a diary of his experiences at his new blog.

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The third is the fledgling Malaysian Mediation
by Chan Kheng Hoe of Kuala Lumpur - a mediator on the panel of the Malaysian Mediation Centre.

The fourth new blog is The ZapaBlog - Mediation, Negotiation, and Fast Business from Brandon Krieg of Michigan that appears directed at small business.


Brandon Krieg - Zapacap Mediation said...

Hey Geoff,

Thanks a lot for the mention. This is my first visit to your blog, but it most certainly won't be my last. You've got a lot of really awesome and varied stuff here...

I was poking around, and came across the MATA article you posted before... I picked up some really useful things there. I have to say I was surprised that in only 5 of the 19 cases did these pretty top-notch mediators use flip-charts... When I use them, they're usually really helpful. What's your take on it?

Also, it's pretty awesome to connect to another mediator from such a distance away... and to be able to find perspectives from other countries on your site. Thanks a lot, and hopefully we can keep in touch a bit!


Renee Collins Goult said...

Whenever I look for something new and interesting on mediation, your blog comes up. After a few reads now, just thought I would say - great work, thanks.

Renee Collins Goult
Quantum Mediation
Vancouver, Canada