Monday, May 12

Delegates at AAA Annual Meeting use electronic voting to express their views on mediator competency certification

Washington DC, May 9th 2008 - Participants at the American Arbitration Association's 2008 Annual Meeting spent two hours focusing on mediator competency certification.

Presentations by Wolf Von Kumberg of Northrop Grumman Corporation, Nancy Lesser of PAX ADR LLC, Christopher Honeyman of Convenor Conflict Management and Michael Leathes of IMI were followed by a discussion.

Then 12 questions, with a selection of multi-choice answers, were posed to the delegates who used individual electronic keypads to register their opinions on the subject in secret ballot format. To view, scroll down this document;

AAA Voting Results May 08 - Get more documents

To see Michael Leathes' presentation click here

To see Wolf Von Kumberg's' presentation click here

To see Chris Honeyman's presentation click here

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