Friday, June 13

I [heart] LA

Next week, I am in sunny Los Angeles visiting colleagues and teaching the Mediating the Complex Case with JAM's Bruce Edwards at Pepperdine University's 21st Annual Summer Professional Skills Program in Dispute Resolution.

Expect salty posts from beside the seaside at Malibu where the faculty is being lodged in style (and where even the beach is wireless!).

I am also scheduled to spend a day being a fly on the wall at one of Gene Moscovitch's mediations and I also want to catch up with ADR Services' president and founder, Lucie Barron who I video interviewed last time I was in LA.

I then spend a day shadowing well-known commercial mediator Jeff Krivis which will be a real treat.

Both these guys are at the top of their game and have a lot to teach a farm boy from New Zealand.

Of course, one of the reasons for going to LA is to spend time over computers and coffee with Vickie Pynchon who I hope will come with me to meet Greg Katz of the LA Daily Journal to explore ways in which the blogosphere can work in with ADR friendly legal media.

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