Friday, September 19

Defining “success” in dispute resolution training

Just out from John Wade at Bond University in sunny Queensland - a must read for anyone who dabbles in mediation training: Defining “success” in negotiation and other dispute resolution training.

"Once upon a time in the far off kingdom of Learningland, three negotiation courses were held during the same week in the capital city Rarelyfail.Course A was held in the Hilton Hotel, with delicious food and three speakers. Two of the speakers were famous practitioner negotiators who regularly appeared in the popular media. Their fields of expertise were international trade with China, and hostage rescue. The third was an academic who writes popular books and who teaches on occasion at a high status US university... [read more]

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Stephen said...

Professor Wade has a lot on the ball, and I liked his examples, as two of the three training sessions seem to be ones that would not have any lasting benefit for the attendees. The first looks like it was a success in terms of generating revenue, which too often seems to be what training and conferences are about.

Thanks for the link to the .pdf, which let me download and read and think.