Friday, September 19

Egg-graders are licensed - why aren't you?

How Mediators Can Obtain Professional Certification And Thereby Elevate Their Profession: A look at IMI's voluntary credentialing program by Judith Meyer, Co-Vice Chair of IMI's Independent Standards Commission, and Michael Leathes, executive director of IMI.

"In many U.S. states, egg-graders, well-diggers, farriers, plumbers, midwives, manicurists, barbers and hairdressers must be licensed. Notaries public, doctors, lawyers, ministers and accountants must be licensed in every state. Licensing requirements are generally imposed in order to ensure that the practitioners of the licensed professions meet a certain level of competence, making them less likely to harm the public. Mediation, however, is not one of the licensed professions...'[read more]

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