Wednesday, November 19

Does the President actually read this stuff?

Well, he might I suppose - he must be at a loose end through to noon, January 20th.

In that case, Bill Warters over at CAMPUS-ADRTECH has his bedtime reading posting news of a 181 page
Report for the President on the Use and Results of ADR in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government in 2007.

Bill reports;

'Since about 1990 the Federal Government has been actively developing Alternative Dispute Resolution options and services. This 2007 Report provides compelling evidence of the effectiveness and cost savings associated with ADR processes. The Report to the President is a collaborative project which was undertaken by representatives from the Federal Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group Sections and Steering Committee. The ADR programs and policies of the 15 Cabinet agencies and 31 independent agencies are summarized based on a survey begun in 2005. While the ADR Working Group (see has not received much attention or support during the current administration, as the report clearly shows, they continue to do valuable work.'

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Kevin Forrester said...

Thank you, Mr. Sharp, for your contribution.

Among all the gratuitous insults of our President in all of the world, this is certainly one of them.