Thursday, November 20

A gratuitous insult

Well! If Kevin Forrester of the mediation friendly and well worth following psmkr blog is representative when he comments on yesterday's post Does the President actually read this stuff?, I have just lost 45.90% of my readers;

"Thank you, Mr. Sharp, for your contribution. Among all the gratuitous insults of our President in all of the world, this is certainly one of them"

Sorry to offend. Come back my thin skinned colleagues!


Chris Annunziata said...


Based on the current (dis)approval rating of President Bush, I'd say it's actually more like 27% of your readership.


Kevin Forrester said...

Have no fear, Mr. Sharp, the mediation world is predominantly center-left. I expect that many of your colleagues are still out dancing in the streets and partaking of the milk and honey that has begun flowing in the U.S. of A. since the election of Mr. Obama!