Tuesday, February 10

ADR Bloggers to meet at the Spring ABA Conference in NYC

Calling all ADR Bloggers: Come out, come out from behind your blog banners and meet face-to-face at the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution's Spring Conference April 15 - 18, Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, New York.

There is a rumour that
Diane Levin will be there. We might even see Jeff Krivis or Mariam Zadeh from out West. I know L.A's Vickie Pynchon is dropping everything to attend and I'm really hoping John DeGroote might make it out of Texas to the Big Apple. Jeff Thompson lives just up the street so he's got no excuse and I have booked my air ticket and promise to bring my full carry on allowance of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Gini Nelson, Tammy Lenski and Christopher Annunziata can't come and send their best but Jim Melamed, who has done more to take ADR blogging to the street, is definitely there.

I'm really hoping to bump into folks like
Colin Rule, Nancy Hudgins or Stephanie West Allen.

And wouldn't it be great to see bloggers like
Josh Weiss, Jan Schau, Nancy Hudgins or even the folks from ADR Prof Blog (Andrea Schneider, Nancy Welsh, Michael Moffitt, Sarah Rudolph Cole, Art Hinshaw).

And what about Bill Warters, Phyllis Pollack, Donald Varnarelli or the guys behind the National Arbitration
Forum Blog? And anyone else who blogs or wants to blog on ADR stuff and not mentioned here.

If there's enough of us, I will organise an informal gathering at a time and place during the conference to suit - so please come.

I suggest we each thumbnail our blog, exchange tips and tricks, discuss where our place is in ADR scholarship and more!

Start by getting yourself on the email list - RSVP here


Mediator Jeff said...

Yep, I'll be there.

I look forward to hopefully meeting other bloggers that are not named jeff/geoff!

btw- what awere the odds that I would do a blog post on the same topic on the same day!?!

Don Vanarelli said...

Thanks for the shout out, Geoff. I'll be a presenter in a segment on Elder Mediation at the upcoming ABA Dispute Resolution Section meeting in April in NYC. I'll be presenting with the other members of the Elder Mediation Center of New Jersey (http://www.eldermediationcenter.com/) I'd love to meet, in person, some of the bloggers I've read and learned so much from. Hope to see you and others in New York this April. Don Vanarelli

Diane Levin said...

Geoff, it's more than just a rumor, I'm coming. And guess who just may be joining me...Steve! Can't wait, really looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the gang.