Tuesday, February 10

Benjamin's on fire

I make it a practise to alert you to all new Robert Benjamin articles.

I mean, I sometimes don't get the whole dirty guerrilla war theme that runs through many of Robert's articles but I always find them thought provoking.

Here's another one just up today; The Joy Of Impasse: The Neuroscience Of ‘Insight’ And Creative Problem Solving.

"Most novice and experienced conflict mediators alike feel themselves viscerally tighten in the face of an impending impasse. The prospect of the parties in a dispute becoming locked up and unable to reach an agreement raises the ugly specter of failure for the practitioner who purports to offer a better way to manage conflict. A fair amount of time and energy is devoted to studying the barriers and resistance to settlement and analyzing and avoiding impasse. Many would seek to distance themselves from the unpleasantness of a lost mediation..." [read more]

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