Thursday, April 30

Addicted to mediator blah... blah...?

Then this little app will help you reclaim your life!

It will force you to stop, think - then and only then - proceed to blah... blah's latest posts.

Hat Tip to DailyBlogTips

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Vickie Pynchon said...

Hilarious!! Sorry for the Swine Flu forced vacation but you did say you were TOO BUSY!! GREAT to see you at the ABA & I found it useful primarily as a venue to talk, talk talk to leaders in the field & far less useful to attend sessions - though the challenging sessions for me were those on race and gender and the highlight the documentary on the women's peace movement in Liberia. WHY would you GO to a session on building a mediation practice mate? Wish you'd skipped it and given me time to video YOU. Next year . . . .