Thursday, April 30

Spotlight on Diane Levin over at

See what makes mediation's foremost ADR journalist tick over at

Diane's pick for the next ten years?

"Here’s what I predict.(You can come back in 10 years and let me know how I did.)

Advances in neuroscience and psychology regarding decision making and judgment will gain increasing importance for practitioners of ADR, yielding practical applications and techniques for producing better decisions.

As calls increase for professionalization and standardization of mediation practice, one state will establish formal licensing for mediators in private practice.

I anticipate in coming years that mediation will have to confront some of its demons – the fierce divide between facilitative and evaluative practitioners and between lawyers who mediate and mediators who don’t practice law. There’s a cultural divide that we ignore at our peril.

Just please don’t ask me to pick the winner of the next Super Bowl..." [read more]

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Diane Levin said...

Geoff, you're being way too kind. "Foremost ADR journalist"? I don't know about that. Call me instead "foremost opinionated ADR pain in the ass". That's more like it.

Thanks so very much for linking to this interview. Your turn will be next, which I look forward to very much, since I know you'll offer us your usual smart, no-nonsense insights.