Sunday, April 12

Mediation goes to New York

This coming week (15 - 18 April) both the International Academy of Mediators and the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section are holding spring conferences in New York so expect your favourite bloggers to getting it to you live.

This blog is taking the 18 hour magic carpet ride to be in the Big Apple and I know the folks from Settle It Now will be taking the red eye across from L.A.

Diane Levin will be taking the fast train from Boston to make sure her Mediation Channel claims its rightful place amongst the many ADR bloggers gathered there and local New York City Police Department mediator, Jeff Thompson will be showing off his local beat from the wonderful Enjoy Mediation blog.

And, if you are planning on joining the party, Jeff has created a list of NYC must do's, must eat's and must see's from a native New Yorker's perspective.

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Mediator Jeff said...

I know you have a blackberry now, so where's the inflight blogging posts?