Wednesday, May 27

Could you get any better proof?

Santa Clara Courthouse dispute headed to mediation... and to make matters worse, one of the Bay Area's finest is charging $25,000!


Rick Weiler said...

When, going into mediation, you have one party quoted as saying, "If (the mediation) goes in our favor, he's going to appeal. If it goes in his favor, we're going to appeal."
it would not appear to bode well for the process.

Hope all is well with you Geoff.

Vickie said...

Randy IS a great mediator so no disrespect when I say that when the numbers at issue go into 8, 9 and (yes) 10 figures, the parties will nearly universally choose the mediator who charges the most. That way, they can say "who me? I hired the BEST. Not my fault the case went to trial after the mediation failed to resolve it." We believe our own BS here in the States (is it any different elsewhere?) - that the primary metric of value is price.