Monday, May 25

Which Date Works for your mediation?

There are a number of meeting scheduling applications available on the net but this is one I will definitely use. which was profiled recently over at Steve Mehta's Mediation Matters blog is free and it's perfect for mediators who schedule day long mediations. Many of the other apps are geared more to multiple business meetings that may last an hour or two.

How it works is you select a range of dates, then enter the emails of all mediation participants and very soon you will be emailed with the day that suits all of them from your range, or if not all, then the next best.

Great for a multi party mediation where scheduling can eat up precious time.

In my world, the lead lawyer normally gets a handful of dates from me first then goes out to try and make one of them work so I will probably let them know about the site so they can use it. Click on the image for a tour.

Hat tip to Mediation Matters (which, btw, is a must read ADR blog)


steve mehta said...


Thanks for the wonderful comments regarding my blog and for re-posting the technology re: the calendaring system. I am glad that you liked it. I love your blog also.

Anonymous said...

Geoff, thanks for the pointer, am piloting this - looks useful.