Sunday, May 24

Professor Kevin Clements

A few years ago a New Zealand Prime Minister observed, in the face of a brain drain to neighbouring Australia, that each Kiwi who left our shores served to raise the IQ of both nations.

So what happens when one comes the other way? - in this case it's Professor Kevin Clements who is a returning Kiwi and has been appointed to the new Chair in Peace and Conflict Studies at NZ's University of Otago.

In this role Professor Clements will also be the Director of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. The Centre will be dedicated to reflection on the nature of conflict, its resolution and the creation of peaceful environments. It will bring together academics, students and visitors from a wide range of disciplines, with one of its key aims being the full and effective involvement of indigenous peoples.

Professor Clements was the Professor and Foundation Director of Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Queensland, Australia. ACPACS is cross-disciplinary and the only Centre in Australia to bring together: Peace and conflict studies; International politics and development; Alternative dispute resolution, mediation and law [read more]

Thanks to Carol Powell, Chair of LEADR NZ

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