Monday, February 4

Do you use your mediation resolution rate to sell yourself?

I do. Always been uneasy about it, though. Too artificial. Think I might stop.

Are those who take the high road and don't, disadvantaged from a marketing point of view, do you think?

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Tammy Lenski, MediatorTech said...

Well, Geoff, that's a very interesting question! I've been pondering it over my cup of coffee this morning and here's what occurs to me:

I don't use my resolution rate to sell myself, though it's quite high. I certainly haven't found myself disadvantaged by that, business-wise. Quite the contrary.

The reason I don't use it is that (1) it implies a promise, and (2) it inadvertently conveys that resolution rate should be the grounds on which I'm most evaluated as successful. It's one element, to be sure, though.

But, that said, you and I work in different mediation worlds, and I don't mean geographically. In the world of commercial mediation, I suspect flying the flag of a good resolution rate is common practice. In my world of workplace and organizational mediation, where I'm more often working to address a "state of conflict" than settle a specific dispute, resolution in the settlement sense is a lesser animal.

And, of course, the most important marketing comment of all: Do what works for you. If it's working for you, then go for it!


Victoria Pynchon, said...

Don't advertise resolution rates. Don't imagine anyone believes them, but maybe I'm just cynical. 90% will settle without us. Isn't the difference really the QUALITY of the resolution, not the QUANTITY.